Welcome to Kathy The Picture Lady Blog

Have you ever visited an art museum, taken a quick tour, and then thought, “Whew, that’s over. Now we can go to the beach!”?

Have you ever looked at the Mona Lisa and wondered, “What’s all the fuss about this 500 year-old-lady? She doesn’t look that special to me!” ?

20140926_193451Have you ever wanted to be able to help your children appreciate great art, but all those art books are heavy and often have inappropriate artworks?

             If so, then this blog’s for you!

KathyThePictureLady will help people of all ages learn a little about artists and great works of art and shine some light on them from God’s Word. God is sovereign over all creation, including art, and we are20140926_194734 to understand it in light of a Christian world view. We are to “take every thought captive to obey Christ…” (2 Cor. 10:5). KathyThe PictureLady won’t overwhelm you, won’t show you inappropriate artwork, and won’t require you to lift those heavy art books!

The title for this blog comes from one day when I was cleaning in my art room and discovered a folder labeled “The Picture Lady.” Intrigued, I sat down to look through the papers, which turned out to be directions for volunteers who would go to regular classrooms to help children and teachers learn a little more about great artists and their work. I certainly did this in the art room, but what a wonderful way to reach even more people! Due to scheduling difficulties, the Picture Lady program was no longer possible there, but I have always wanted to use the idea to help people of all ages enjoy art.

So there you have it—a blog that will help you understand great art and give a short devotional thought taken from these. I’m starting out a little slow, just one a month, but hope to be doing two a month soon.

  • The artworks will be posted right here in full color for you to see as you read, but I will tell you where the real thing is, as well as the locations of other works by the same artist.
  • Coming up first will be a painting by Winslow Homer, not one of his ocean scenes, but one called The Country School. It is from an earlier period in his life when he painted mostly scenes of everyday life.
  • Now take a look at my About Me page to learn a little, well… about me.

The next post, coming very soon, will be about Winslow Homer’s The Country School, and what the Bible says about work. “Ugh”? No, I don’t think so!

  • So be sure and sign up to receive this blog by email so you won’t miss any of the great art coming your way!
  • And please tell your friends about KathyThePictureLady.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Kathy The Picture Lady Blog

  1. David Barnes

    ah..the good old one room schoolhouse… if it were the one in old Highland Village schoolhouse it would have a suspended stovepipe length hanging from a ceiling wire and spinning around, spewing black soot from each end, while naughty boys kept it twirling with a broom handle… 🙂 Thanks for the memories Kathy


  2. Donna B.

    My daughters and I are enjoying learning about the great works of art! Thank you for the Biblical perspective and wonderful devotional. Blessings!



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