About Me

20140926_194734  I am a pastor’s wife and retired Christian school teacher. After teaching elementary and middle school classes for many years, the Lord combined my teaching experience with my love of art, and I had the joy of teaching studio art and art history with a Christian emphasis to kindergartners through high school seniors. I also taught church history in high school for many years and continue to teach this to adults. This perspective adds to my thoughts about art through the ages. In addition, I am a writer, with articles and devotionals in adult and children’s publications.

I grew up in Maine right on the coast, and I love the beach. When the fall storms came I loved to stand on the rocks and watch giant waves roll in to crash over the rocks and send spray high into the air. The American artist, Winslow Homer, also loved the ocean, and he spent many years painting it from his studio in the town where I grew up. When I see Homer’s paintings I can still hear the roar of the waves and recognize many of the places I love.

More recently my husband and I have lived in Oklahoma and Texas, where I love to go horseback riding and watch the sunsets blaze across those wide skies. Putting these two things together, I chose Homer’s West Point, Prout’s Neck with its waves and a sunset to be the header at the top of my home page.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Christine W Bennett

    Kathy, Congratulations!! This is so interesting. We finally toured Winslow Homer’s Studio last week end, although I had been there in the 60’s. If you are in Maine I would love to take you there. CWB


      1. Carol Duvall

        Hi Kathy, what an interesting blog! I love it and you! I signed up to follow. Now I know a bit more about a very kind woman.


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