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Molly, Cute Corgi Photos

Just as Monet and the other Impressionists suffered much rejection at first from the established art world, we had to reject many photos of Molly before getting just the right ones for our Monet and his haystacks and cathedral series.

Disclaimer: No dog was harmed in these photos, unless you think 100s of treats per session is harmful. Molly loved it, but she did have to do a little dieting afterwards to get back that svelte, streamlined corgi shape!

So here they are: Cute Corgi Photos

Getting the beret to stay on those corgi ears was a challenge!













It often fell too far back or …too far forward!








Sometimes she was very patient; other times she was not.








She always wanted treats for being good, which complicated keeping the beret on!

It took lots of behind the scenes preparation!. I’m in awe of those who do animal photography for a living











We were surprised she didn’t go for the French bread!

Eventually she was truly done. I guess she thought she was hiding!

Here again are the great photos I used! A round of applause, please , for the model!!

One last thing:  spring has finally come to the Rockies, so we’re going to take a little break to enjoy it.







Molly is ready to get out and play ball! Oh, and she wants you to notice she is once again sleek and ready to run!We’ll be back soon, but in the meantime you might visit our series of posts from last summer about nature. there are lots of activities to help you enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

Thanks for visiting. Molly would love see your comments on which photos you like best!


Children’s Art Project for Mother’s Day, Inspired by Monet’s Love of Flowers

photo taken in Monet’s garden at Giverny

Monet loved flowers. Moms and Grandmothers do, too , so here’s an easy art project for children to do for Mother’s Day.

Monet’s garden at Giverny is as much a work of art as his paintings, and he often cut flowers to paint when the weather prevented him from working outdoors.

This project is an excerpt from an earlier post of mine about Renoir, another Impressionist who loved flowers!

Art Project for Mother’s Day

Supplies:  20160502_125357sturdy paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, cheap watercolor set, brushes


1. With a green crayon draw20160428_102200 curving stems as if coming from a narrow vase in the middle at the bottom of the paper. (See illustration) (If your child is very young, you can draw the stems so that the bouquet isn’t too small)


2. With crayons of a variety of colors, draw the outlines of ‘flower’ 20160428_103005shapes (daisies, circles, spirals, etc.) among, and at the end of, the stems. Leave coloring them in to the next step—painting.

3. Now, just like the Impressionists, paint blobs of paint right over the crayon ‘flowers’. 20160428_104913 20160428_104910Blobs work because the wax of the crayons repels the water color and shows through. (Encourage children to use small amounts of water to mix paint. Otherwise the colors get pretty watery)

4. While the flowers dry, trace on another piece of paper around each child’s hands (have them spread their fingers apart a little). Include a few inches of their arms. 20160428_103747 (use colored paper or children may color these and add rings, watches, etc.)

5. Cut out the hands.

6. Glue the hands, fingers interlaced with thumbs up, at the bottom of the painting as if they are holding the bouquet! (the fingers interlace more easily if the hands come together at an angle)

Voila!    Write Happy Mother’s Day across the top and give to Mom or Grandma!

Other Things to Do

  • Visit Monet’s gardens online at
  • Visit art museums or go online to see Impressionist collections and see how many have flowers in them. Many American museums have at least a few, because Americans were among the first to buy their work. here’s a link to the Impressionist collection at the Art Institute of Chicago.
  • Look at works by Mary Cassatt online. An American Impressionist artist living in Paris, she not only introduced many of her friends to Impressionist art and encouraged them to buy these works, but she painted many lovely works of mothers and children together.


Don’t miss the next kathythepicturelady post with funny Molly photos.