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Do You Recognize the Structures of Gothic Churches? Take this First Challenge!

Take the challenge! Using the following terms, see if you can fill in the blanks in these descriptions of Gothic structures, and then match them to the correct photo. Choose the photo that best fits the description.

stained glass               crossing                           ambulatory

towers                          cross shape                     pointed arch

gargoyles                      sculptures                      rose windows

flying buttresses         relics                               clerestory windows

tall, thin columns

  1. An outside structure that supports and allows thinner walls_________________
  2. An innovation to the arch contributing to support and the feeling of great height _______
  3. Inside supports that soar up to the vault or ceiling _____________
  4. An open walkway called an _____________________ that allows pilgrims to visit radiating chapels containing _________  (2 blanks in this description)
  5. Many stone_________________________of biblical figures and of saints and kings decorate the inside and outside of Gothic cathedrals.
  6. These scary-looking creatures are often downspouts for rain water______________
  7. Large sections of colored glass telling the story of the Bible from creation and fall to Christ’s death, resurrection and return____________________________________
  8. High windows that let in lots of light ______________________________________
  9. Large round windows are called ______________________________________
  10. the shape of most Gothic churches, often most obvious from the outside____________________
  11. the space where the transepts meet and above which is usually a spire______________
  12. Gothic churches usually have two of these, not always matched______________________














































Answers and a 2nd  Gothic Cathedral challenge coming in the next Picturelady post!

These photos were all taken by the author and come from various Gothic cathedrals in Europe.

Have you seen any of these Gothic structures in modern churches?