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Drawing Lessons for Children

Okay so here we go with the second part of the drawing lesson for younger children and another technique that can help older children draw more accurately.

For younger children

Review the types of lines–straight, curved, straight lines that turn corners, and curved lines that form circular shapes.

Now I’ll draw 5 things step-by-step that use these lines:

































Now you try the same type of steps to draw this owl from the first doodle game! You can do it!

For Older Children

Here’s how to do Contour Drawing, which is almost the opposite of Gesture Drawing.

¬†Contour drawing helps artists look carefully at details. Like gesture drawing, it’s not meant to be a finished artwork, but to help you look more carefully at your subject. Here are some contour drawings of a flower.¬† Look how different these look from the gesture drawings we did of hands a couple weeks ago.

You slow way down for contour drawing. Your eye follows every small detail, and your pencil tries to follow along on your paper. You don’t sketch as in gesture drawing, but move your pencil along as if it is a snail inching along every line. You should spend lots more time looking at the subject than at your paper!



Molly doesn’t draw flowers. She smells them!! But she hopes you’ll enjoy these drawing lessons and come back next Friday for a Painting Project!