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Blowing Colored Bubbles, an Artsy Corgi Fun and Easy Art Activity

Everyone likes blowing bubbles! In this Artsy Corgi Fun and Easy Art Activity you’ll add food coloring and catch those colored bubbles on paper to make pretty designs for bookmarks or cards.

In this post you’ll find:

  • Supply list
  • Step-by-step directions
  • Helpful hints
  • Clean-up tips
  • Variations and adaptations
  • 6 Ways the activity aids children’s mental, physical, and social development
  • And as always, a cute photo of Molly the Artsy Corgi

Let’s get started!


  • Paper
  • Food coloring
  • Bubble blowing mixture and wands
  • Plastic containers for bubble and food coloring mixture


  1. Pour some bubble mixture into as many containers as you have colors
  2. Add a food color to each container and stir gently
  3. Lean over paper as you blow different colored bubbles. Watch them burst and make designs.

Helpful Hints:

  • Start with small amounts of bubble mixture, and experiment with how much food color to add

Clean up Hints:

  • This is best done outside as bubbles can sometimes float off and burst in unexpected places, leaving color behind!
  • Wear old clothes or paint shirts, because as you blow, some liquid spatters back on your face and clothes.

Variations and adaptations:

  • This activity is fun for all ages
  • Try different color choices on different papers
  • Try different types and colors of papers
  • Make it a game: lots of people like to run to catch bubbles. Instead while someone else blows colored bubbles into the air over a lawn, the other person tries to catch the bubbles on a paper.
  • Chose favorite parts of the designs to make bookmarks and cards to give as gifts.

6 Ways this activity aids children’s mental, physical, and social development

  1. This activity encourages experimentation with colors.
  2. Making art enhances creativity and refreshes minds and eyes tired from screens.
  3. Making choices in creating art, enhances problem-solving skills.
  4. Running to catch bubbles is a fun activity to enjoy together.
  5. Comparing the colored spatters on everyone’s faces provides lots of good laughter!
  6. Making something for others encourages compassion and care for others.

Cute Molly Photo

Molly got into the 4th of July spirit this past week!

Before You Go

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Molly hopes you enjoy blowing colored bubbles, and will come back soon for our next Artsy Corgi fun and easy art activity!