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Painting with Straws to Make Crazy Critters and Much More! Another Fun and Easy Art Project for Kids

This week we’re going to use straws to make Crazy Critters and so much more–combining a little drawing with straw painting to make:

Fuzzy hair for a Happy Clown, Fabulous Feathers for a Peacock, a Lion’s Colorful Mane


  • Construction-type paper, pencils, scissors, etc.
  • Runny paint, either watercolors (add lots of pigment) or add some water to tempera paints
  • Containers, brushes, spoons, paper towels, etc.

Let’s get started with Crazy Critters

  1. Use a spoon or loaded brush to put a puddle of paint on your paper
  2. Use your straw to blow the paint in different directions  Note: It works best if you get down and blow ACROSS the paint puddles
  3. Add more paint as needed
  4. You can add different colors and let them blend
  5. Let dry and add details to make creatures

Now draw a Happy Clown and give him or her Fuzzy Hair!

  1. Draw a circle for the clown’s face
  2. Use smaller circles and curvy lines to finish his face
  3. Use straight lines and another circle shape to draw his hat
  4. Apply paint puddles around the sides of the clown’s head  Note: it’s best to apply the paint on just one side at a time as paint dries quickly. This applies to the peacock and lion, too. Apply the paint and blow it outward in  small sections at a time.
  5. Use a straw to blow the paint outward to create Fuzzy Hair for your Happy Clown!
  6. Let dry and color the clown’s face and hat


Now draw a Peacock and add Fabulous Feathers

  1. Draw a small circle for the peacock’s head
  2. A little below the head draw a larger circle for its body
  3. Connect the head and body with curvy lines for a skinny neck
  4. Use curvy lines to make small wings on each side of the body
  5. Use straight lines to draw long legs and some toes
  6. Working gradually around the body and head, and sometimes changing colors, apply paint puddles and blow these outward to create the Peacock’s Fabulous Tail!
  7. Let dry and color your peacock’s body


Now draw a Lion’s head and give him a Colorful Mane

  1. Draw a longish, curvy circle for the lion’s head
  2. Draw 2 small circles and dots for eyes
  3. For its nose draw 2 straight lines down from the eyes
  4. A ways below the eyes connect these 2 lines with a roundish nose
  5. On each side of the nose draw a circle for the lion’s cheeks
  6. Finish the lion off with curvy eyebrows and ears
  7. Working gradually around the body and head, and sometimes changing colors, apply paint puddles and blow these outward to create the Lion’s Colorful Mane!
  8. Let dry and color your lion

For this last picture I went back and added more yellow paint to the lion’s mane and only blew it out a little to create a fuller mane than the original one.

Molly and I are sure you can think of other creatures to draw and add paint to with your straw. How about the blowing mane of a running horse, or wings for a butterfly?

It’s lots of fun to experiment with Straw Painting!  And you can use any left over paint to make more crazy critters!

Molly and I hope to see you right back here next Friday for Another Fun and Easy Art Project for Kids!

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Painting with Cardboard, Another Fun and Easy Art Project for Kids

Did you know you can use cardboard to paint with? You can, and you can make lots of Easy and Fun things, like:

Mama and baby pigs in the straw.    Flowers and butterflies.      Fuzzy yellow chicks.

Spring was a favorite time on our small farm in Maine. We’d have baby pigs and goats out in the barn, and in the kitchen there was always a box of baby chicks or ducks warming up by the wood stove. Spring refreshes us with returning color and creatures, and this year we all certainly need some refreshment, so I hope these easy projects will brighten your day this coming week!



  • tempera paints in various colors ( I lightened my red and purple to pink and lilac with white)
  • pieces of cardboard cut to various sizes
  • paper to paint on and scraps to finish the chick
  • pencils, scissors, crayons, and/or markers

Painting Technique:

There are just two techniques used to make these creatures and flowers. After dipping the edge of your cardboard into some paint,

  1. Make straight lines by touching the cardboard up and down onto the paper
  2. While holding the cardboard edge against the paper, you swirl or push it around, while holding one corner in place. It takes a little practice, but you can even make a complete circle this way. Try turning the paper as you hold the cardboard in place.

Note: The size of your creation will depend on the size of your cardboard. And after a while you may need to switch to a new piece as the paint will gradually make it less stiff.

Butterflies and Flowers

These use both techniques: up and down for the spikey flowers, grass, and butterfly body. A swirl for the other flowers and the butterfly wings. On one flower I had both  pink and lilac on the cardboard, without mixing themand I think it produced an interesting effect. Maybe you can try more of that.

Fuzzy Chick

The chick just uses lots of up and down lines around and around in a circle. I put a small pencil dot to mark the middle so I had a reference point to keep going in a circle. Use paper scraps and crayons or markers to finish your chick. Try making different sizes and colors of chicks.

Mama Pig and Her Babies

Steps for the piggies:

  1. Use your drawing skills to draw a circle for Mamma and 2 small ovals for the babies.Just as you did in the last drawing lesson!
  2. Inside each pig, draw a small oval for its snout
  3. Use curving lines to draw ears and tail
  4. Use straight lines that turn sharp corners to make the feet.
  5. Color the pigs using light and dark shades of pink markers or crayons
  6. Use the up and down technique to ad straw all around the mamma pig and her babies

Here are two more ideas:

  • Use orange paint and the swirl technique to make a bunch of carrots. Add feathery green tops with crayon or marker.
  • Or how about baby birds in a nest of brown  twigs?

Molly is enjoying the garden we now have in Colorado. It’s much smaller than the one we had in Maine!! The bright pink flowers in the front are very spikey, while the daisies and cone flowers have much broader petals and could be done with the swirling method.

Mollye and I are sure you can think of lots more creative creatures and pictures to make with your cardboard paintbrush! Have Fun and be sure to come back here next Friday for more Easy and Fun Art for Kids !