Weaving the Beauty of Jesus into Every Part of Your Day, A Kid-Friendly Devotion

Look at this colorful paper weaving. For their cat on a mat project children chose their favorite color to be the lengthwise (warp) part of their weaving.

Then for the strips that weave across (weft) they painted with watercolor paints. They added colors and let them swirl and mix.

They didn’t really want to cut apart their beautiful design, but they knew a tabby weave, which goes over and under, would create an even more beautiful pattern when combined with their favorite color.

Psalm 139 says God created your inmost being and wove you together with your color hair and eyes, your favorite foods and colors, and even how tall you’d be. He has given you the ability to play music or soccer, love math or art. You are wonderfully made. And above all God has made you to be able to love and worship Him and love others as we love Him.

But it’s not always easy to do that, is it? We may get angry when our friends don’t want to do something we like. We don’t always obey our parents. We may get tired and cranky and say mean things to our brothers and sisters.

So God sent His Son, Jesus, to us. He came as a baby and grew up just like you, except that He never sinned. Jesus is more beautiful than the most beautiful watercolor painting you’ve ever seen. He showed us the perfect beauty of God’s love and care, wisdom and guidance, and understanding and forgiveness.

Jesus was willing on the cross to be cut apart, separated, from God the Father to save you and weave His beauty into your life.

You are wonderfully made, and when you allow Jesus to weave the colorful threads of His perfect love, wisdom, and forgiveness through your day, you will become an even more beautiful creation to glorify God.

When you start each day, pray and thank Jesus for coming into your life. Then watch for how He weaves His love and care over and under you at school, playing with friends, and at home with your family. Then those beautiful threads of love will show in your life, too.

 Before You Go

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Molly and I hope you enjoyed this devotion based on our Cat on a Mat watercolor and weaving art project. If you missed it, here’s the link.

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Molly and I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!





10 thoughts on “Weaving the Beauty of Jesus into Every Part of Your Day, A Kid-Friendly Devotion

  1. JD Wininger

    Always blessed to learn new ways that we can help teach the kiddos in our lives about Christ. Thank you so much for so many wonderful ideas. Loved this devotion, written to their level. God’s blessings ma’am.



    Happy Thanksgiving  Kathy and Wes!Our love and prayers,Carol and John❤️🙏🦃🍁🤗✝️

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  3. Jackie Houchin

    Kathy, What a good idea, but I wanted to see a finished product!!  Haha.  Anyway, thanks for another God-centered kid’s ideas post. I love them. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and Molly too. (We don’t know if we (as a family) will get together for thanksgiving now, because our middle granddaughter just came down with Covid. (She has a sweet 1-year-old, and is also newly pregnant. And a hubby, of course.  We are praying for them.) in Christ,Jackie Houchin


    1. Kathy O'Neill Post author

      Thank you Jeanne. I, too, love Psalm 139, and how God tells about how wonderfully made we are. When I read about Him weaving us together, I’m so awed by how personally He creates each and every one of us!



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