Just Have Fun, An Artsy Corgi Fun and Easy Art Activity

Summer is winding down in some areas, and before long we’ll see school supplies in the stores. So try this last messy Artsy Corgi Fun and Easy Art Activity and just have fun! Molly gives it high paw rating!

In this post you’ll find:

  • Supply list
  • Step-by-step directions
  • Helpful hints
  • Clean-up tips
  • Variations and adaptations
  • 6 Ways the activity aids children’s mental, physical, and social development
  • And as always, a cute photo of Molly the Artsy Corgi

Let’s get started!


  • Sturdy paper in various colors
  • Tempera paint
  • water
  • Recycled squeeze and spray bottles


  1. Thoroughly wash the recycled bottles
  2. Add different colors of paint to the squeeze bottles
  3. Add different colors of paint to the spray bottles. You will probably need to add some water too. Experiment with how much is needed to get them to spray.
  4. Squeeze and spray different colors to create abstract designs on the different papers

Helpful Hints:

Experiment and have fun!

Clean up Hints:

  • Cover your work surface with a plastic table cloth
  • Wear old clothes or paint shirts

Variations and adaptations:

  • This activity is fun for all ages
  • Try adding water to the paint in the squeeze bottle for a different effect
  • Try different color choices, such as using only warm or cool colors
  • Try different types and colors of papers

6 Ways the activity aids children’s mental, physical, and social development

  1. This activity encourages experimentation with colors and designs
  2. Using these spray and squeeze bottles encourages large muscle development.
  3. Making art enhances creativity and refreshes minds and eyes tired from screens.
  4. Making choices in creating art, enhances problem-solving skills.
  5. Discussing their art and the choices they made builds vocabulary and social skills.
  6. When children make choices in creating art, it enhances problem-solving skills.

Cute Molly Photo

Summer is often thunderstorm weather, and here Molly sports her thunder shirt, which helps a little to calm her fears.

Before You Go

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Molly hopes you just had fun with this Artsy Corgi Art Activity. In August we go back to our school year schedule and hope you’ll join us for our monthly series about art. Each series includes:

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12 thoughts on “Just Have Fun, An Artsy Corgi Fun and Easy Art Activity

  1. JD Wininger

    Always a blessing Ms. Kathy. Thank you so much for all your encouragement to keep finding ways to connect with the kiddos in our lives. God’s blessings ma’am.


    1. Kathy O'Neill Post author

      Hi Becky, You’re so right, spraying and squeezing are fun and when they’re allowed and create fun pictures, even better! I hope you’re getting lots of time with your grandchildren this summer!


  2. CandyceCarden

    Such a simple idea with suggestions for changing it up. Showing kids how they can vary the outcome of a project grows the heart of an artist.


  3. Katherine Pasour

    My Heidi is fearful of storms, too. It seems to have worsened as she’s gotten older. She’s an outdoor dog so it’s harder for her to find comfort. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful summer activities. I’m not ready for summer to be over (except for the hope of cooler temperatures).


    1. Kathy O'Neill Post author

      Yes, we feel so bad for our dogs, and wish we could reassure them! We’ve found that the thundershirt doesn’t help too much and may even alert her to coming storms if we put it on too soon! We often get storms every afternoon in what’s called the monsoon season here, so she starts to worry as afternoon comes. This was a fun activity and allows that messy play many children enjoy! I hope you have some cooler temps soon!



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