Favorite Paintings about Summertime

I hope you’ll enjoy some of my favorite paintings of summertime! The ocean, the beach, colorful sunsets, and flowers. Horses and fields, forests, and mountains!

West Point by Winslow Homer, public domain

Partners by Charles Russell, public domain

Children on a Beach by Mary Cassatt, public domain

The Catskills, Asher Durand, public domain

Monet Painting in his Garden at Argenteuil by Pierre Auguste Renoir, public domain

Clouds over Olana, Frederick Edwin Church, public domain

Grainstacks-Late Summer, Giverny by Claude Monet

The Hay Wain by John Constable, public domain

Gathering Eggs by Winslow Homer, public domain

Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur, public domain

The Oxbow, Thomas Cole, public domain

Yosemite Valley, Albert Bierstadt, public domain

A Girl with a Watering Can, by Auguste Renoir, public domain


View of Naarden by Jacob van Ruisdael, public domain

Molly and I suggest you get out to enjoy a summertime picnic, but before you go:

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12 thoughts on “Favorite Paintings about Summertime

  1. JD Wininger

    I love these Ms. Kathy. Had you not shared their citations, I would have thought you had painted each one. And yes, I agree with you and “Molly-dog”, a picnic is indeed in order. God’s blessings and thank you for the peaceful interlude this morning.


    1. Kathy The Picture Lady Post author

      Thank you, J.D. I’m so glad they gave you a peaceful interlude in the busyness of ranch work!Hope you have time and good weather for a picnic before summer ends! You are too kind to think that I painted any of them!


  2. Becky Van Vleet

    Beautiful artwork, that’s for sure. I think my favorite is Clouds Over Olana! But then the picture of Molly is right up there at the top!


    1. Kathy The Picture Lady Post author

      Hi Becky, I’m so glad you liked Clouds over Olana! Olana was the home Church built for his family, and it’s on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River in NY State. I’ve taken art classes there to sketch, because the house and the view are so spectacular! Molly’s right up there for me, too!



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