Fight Summer Boredom with Fun Art Activities from Nature for Children

Have you heard the dreaded words, “I’m bored!” yet this summer?  These two links will take you to more of my summer activities to fight summer boredom!

Guest Post

I guest posted on a great parenting blog this week called In the Quiver. Click here to read Turn Treasures from God’s Creation into Art Masterpieces for art projects made from all those things like rocks and shells and sticks, that children love to collect.

My Newsletter

And If you haven’t yet signed up for my newsletter, I hope you will, because not only will you receive a fun guide to visiting museums with children (and living through it!!)  but each newsletter has loads of free fun ideas to enjoy art, history, and nature with your children. And I’ll make sure you get the most recent newsletter about making a nature pyramid for weaving. Don’t wait, sign up here.

Molly says, “Come visit us next week for another fun and easy art activity for creative kids,


4 thoughts on “Fight Summer Boredom with Fun Art Activities from Nature for Children

  1. JD Wininger

    So much to love about this post. I saw it first on your guest post at In The Quiver. Thank you for the blessing my sweet friend.


  2. Katherine Pasour

    Probably because I grew up a farm and relished any brief moments of respite I had, I never recall saying “I’m bored!” I don’t think my children experienced that much either, but I agree, it’s more prevalent in a society where we don’t play outside as much, have more leisure time, and a dependence on technology. Your crafts are a wonderful way to combat boredom and stimulate creativity. I couldn’t get the link to the In the Quiver blog to work, but will try another way. Thanks so much for your encouraging messages.


    1. Kathy The Picture Lady Post author

      Sorry about that link, Katherine. I hope you were able to get there another way! I, too, don’t remember being bored, but we had a lot more freedom, I think, and I could bike to the library, the beach, and my grandparents’ farm, and I always had some chores to do, too. Thanks so much for your encouragement for my posts!



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