Art Activities for Children and Parents Stuck at Home

Are you and your children stuck at home because of the corona virus? Are you feeling a little desperate because your children are already bored?

If so, this blog’s for you! I’m changing things up to provide a little help to you during this difficult time. 

First the Activity, Get your children going on this first simple activity, then I’ll explain some info on materials you might want to get and when I’ll post.

Activity. I call it Oodles of Doodles and it can be done alone or with others as a game. If you prefer or you’re playing with very young children, give them starting dots or doodles and prepare to be surprised!!

Supplies: paper and pencils, markers, or crayons

Place a dot on your paper, now imagine things that have dots, like the middle of a creature’s eye and draw the creature

or make many bigger dots on a chocolate chip cookie

Or the buttons on a snowman

You come up with your own pictures and then color with markers or crayons

Next try doodling a curvy or zig zaggy line and use it to create a fun design or creature.















If you have several people playing here are some suggestions for playing Oodles of Doodles with others:

  • Decide ahead of time how many times you will will pass the paper around for others to add a line. Each person may only make one line or dot per turn.
  • Each person doodles one line of some kind on their paper and passes it to another person. (You can go in a circle if you have several people playing)
  • Once you’ve reached the number of doodles you decided either the paper stays with the last person or goes back to the original person and everyone tries to make something from their doodles!


Parents: Enjoy these activities with your children. As an art teacher, I can promise you it’ll help you all relax a little. Activities like these encourage sharing and lots of giggles!

God has made each of you creative! Have Fun!

Here are the particulars:

  1. On Mondays I’ll post an easy, fun art project (with photos and directions) that even young children can do.
  2. On Fridays I’ll repost some of the art activities I’ve described for older children.

The materials you’ll need are mostly things you already have such as pencils, markers, crayons, paper, glue, and found objects such as old plastic containers, and buttons, etc. This is a good chance to clean out all those plastic lids that don’t fit anything anymore!

One thing that you may not have, which would be helpful for some activities is 2 or 3 colors of tempera paint and a few large and small brushes. If you can, I suggest getting the primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, plus white. From those four you can mix almost any other colors you’d want and it’s fun to mix colors!!







If you can’t get paint, don’t worry, I’ll mix in projects that don’t need it.

Last but not least, Sign up to receive these posts in your inbox and Molly, the corgi who loves art, and I will keep you and your children art-happy during the next month or so!









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